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llenas de ampollas - Abfüllen von Ampullen - remplissage d'ampoules - riempimento di ampolla

Plastic ampoules are the answer to the more crack-sensitive glass ampoules.
The plastic ampoules do have a similar high-quality charisma, but offer more opportunities on other markets.
Plastic ampoules are hardly breakable en easy to open. Therefore they are exceptionaly appropriate for both business- and consumer market. The plastic ampoules are easy in use and can be sinply carried in bags, inner pockets, etc.
Markets on which the plastic ampoules are used are: food supplements, cosmetics, pharmacie, etcetera.
The ampoules are made of recyclable Polypropylene (PP) and supplyable in various colours; both transparant as nontransparant.
Very high quality claims ask for intensiv inspections. These occur by means of an optical control system as well as by a quality inspector during production.
After production the ampoules are random sampling submitted to varios tests. Only after approval the ampoules are released for further processing. Every step in the production process is monitored continuously.
Filling of ampoules is a specialism.
Filling and closing of the ampoules is done on an exclusively for/by Profill designed filling and closing machine.
Both water- and oil-based liquids are appropriate to be filled in these ampoules.
You can choose ampoules from various capacities: 1,5 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml, 7 ml and 11 ml.
It is possible to provide the ampoules with your own logo, text and/or batch code and expiry date.
Printing is done immediately during production of the ampoules.
The plastic ampoules can be provided in one colour print in every colour desired.